BC Container Data Center Solution

Rapid Deployment

  • Modular data center, integrating IT cabinet, UPS, battery, power distribution, monitoring, and precision air conditioner
  • Standard container type, suitable for water, land, and air transportation, and features low transportation cost and global accessibility
  • Installation on the cement floor of buildings or outdoors without professional equipment rooms, reduces external construction


Efficient Energy Saving

  • Overall design features a fully enclosed structure with sealed cold and hot aisles, results in a signifificant reduction in energy consumption for temperature control
  • Efficient modular UPS used for flexible configuration
  • In-row air conditioner is installed close to heat load, so that cold air flows to heat load more accurately


Intelligent Management

  • Centralized monitoring platform monitors operating status, mains power status, and environmental temperature or humidity
  • Powerful report function, helps to precise management of equipment room
  • 24/7 unattended operation throughout 365 days, with remote monitoring and intelligent management, reduces IT deployment and O&M costs


Security and Reliability

  • Totally enclosed design with little dependence on environment nearby. Dustproof design significantly reduces failure rate of IT equipment and prolongs life cycle
  • Supports N+X or 2N design, and battery continues to supply power in case of a power failure to ensure the stable operation of IT equipment
  • Automatic fire alarm system and fire extinguishing device are built in to prevent losses caused by fire

  • Data centers required rapid construction
  • Outdoor data centers
  • Data centers required relocation Military projects
  • Data centers for energy, mining, etc.
  • Outdoor temporary data centers for large-scale events