BM Modular Data Center Solution

Rapid Deployment

  • Each subsystem is prefabricated in the factory and assembled on site, deployment is as short as 6 to 12 weeks, reduces construction period by more than 50%. BM has minimal site restrictions, and supports installation on cement and raised floor surfaces, with a minimum room net height requirement of 2.5 m.


Flexible Capacity Expansion

  • With modular components and standardized interfaces, BM can be expanded on demand in units of rack-mounted modules, saves investment with on-demand design. BM supports a smooth upgrade of rated power density from 1 kW to 15 kW per rack. Through customized solutions, BM can achieve a maximum rated power of 30 kW per rack.


Intelligent Management

  • iMonitor management system of BM is capable on monitoring of power, environment, video, equipment, and access control in data center infrastructure.
  • iMonitor integrates functions such as alarm management, report management, work order management, and energy efficiency management to implement comprehensive intelligent management.
  • iMonitor utilizes industry-standard protocols such as SNMP or Modbus and allows managing monitoring information through a web browser.
  • iMonitor supports automatic alarming over email and can be expanded to include features such as SMS alarming and phone alarming.


Energy Saving

  • Adopts sealed cold/hot aisle technology to prevent the mixing of cold and hot airflow, significantly reduces energy consumption.
  • High return air temperature design of air conditioner in the data center increases energy efficiency.
  • For high heat density scenarios, precision in-row air conditioner in data center significantly improves cooling efficiency.
  • In-row air conditioner can be equipped with free-cooling kit, suitable for the majority of cold regions in China, provides energy- saving operation throughout the year.
  • In data center with fluctuating heat loads, BM utilizes variable-capacity air conditioner products to achieve real-time cooling capacity adjustment for efficient energy saving;
  • Compared to traditional data centers, BM achieves energy saving by 30% to 50%, with PUE as low as 1.25.


Proprietary Technology

  • All devices and subsystems within BMare independently developed and manufactured, ensures good consistency in quality and strong compatibility.

Medium to large data centers Information centers of national government and public institutions Telecom data centers and information equipment rooms Data centers of higher education institutions Data centers of financial institutions