BR Cabinet Modular Data Center Solution

BR cabinet modular data center incorporates concept of overall data center construction at the cabinet level. BR integrates all components into a modular unit, allows for factory pre-installation. BR provides customers’ IT equipment with reliable and secure operating environment. In the construction of small data centers, BR is characterized with integration, rapid deployment, minimal engineering work, intelligent maintenance, and cost saving. Various overall BR solutions, including BR power cabinet, BR-IT cabinet, BR all-in-on cabinet, designed to meet requirements in different application scenarios.

Complete Functions

  • Integrates the support and sealed aisle system, UPS, power distribution system, environment management system, security management system, monitoring management system, and lighting and visualization system. In this case, BR serves as a data center and adheres to concepts of standardization, modularization, and prefabrication to meet future development needs of data centers.


Easy Construction

  • BR adopts a front glass door and a rear sheet metal door with a fully enclosed design, features high protection level. Therefore, a special equipment room is not required, and entire procurement, installation, and construction can be completed within a few days. BR changes traditional approach to data center construction that involves designing, decorating, equipment configuration, coordinating deliveries, and installation. With the cabinet modular data center, a new type of small to medium-sized data center can be built in a fast and cost-efficient manner.


Easy Capacity Expansion

  • Various options are available, including multiple UPS capacities, cooling, and a combination of multiple cabinets (1 to 3 cabinets), allows customers to perform configuration according to the current and future business development needs. When business expansion is required, BR can be flexibly expanded to form a data center composed of multiple sets or cabinets. No need for redundant design.


Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

  • BR features a fully sealed design with separation of cold aisles from hot aisles, eliminates the need for environmental cooling. Close cooling saves fan energy consumption. BR utilizes eco-friendly refrigerant (R410A) in inverter air conditioners to provide flflexible and efficient cooling near heat load. High-efficiency UPS achieves up to 95% efficiency. In comparison to traditional data centers, BR effectively reduces operating costs for customers and minimizes carbon emissions throughout the entire lifecycle.


Strong Protection

  • Adopts a fully sealed cabinet design, overall protection level of BR reaches IP5X, makes it suitable for use in relatively rough environments and non- professional equipment room scenarios, such as simple power distribution rooms in buildings, warehouses, and general factories.

Small and Micro Data Centers ∣ Edge Data Centers ∣ Distributed Branch Equipment Rooms ∣ Information Node Equipment Rooms ∣ Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Equipment Rooms ∣ Network Access Equipment Rooms ∣ Warehouses Sites without dedicated equipment rooms, such as office halls ∣ Other indoor environments requiring the rapid construction of small equipment rooms