BR IT Cabinet Modular Data Center Solution

BR cabinet modular data center incorporates concept of overall data center construction at the cabinet level. BR integrates all components into a modular unit, allows for factory pre-installation. BR provides customers’ IT equipment with reliable and secure operating environment. In the construction of small data centers, BR is characterized with integration, rapid deployment, minimal engineering work, intelligent maintenance, and cost saving. Various overall BR solutions, including BR power cabinet, BR-IT cabinet, BR all-in-on cabinet, designed to meet requirements in different application scenarios.

All in One

  • Integrates seven subsystems: support and channel enclosure, UPS, power distribution management, environmental management, safety management, monitoring management, lighting and visualization, serves as a data center with complete functions.


Fast Construction

  • Features one-stop delivery and plug-and-play, all subsystems are pre-installed in cabinet at factory. Installation can be completed on site within 1 hour.
  • Cabinet adopts a fully enclosed dust-proof design, suitable for rough environments.
  • Air conditioner features an integrated indoor and outdoor unit design. No configuration with separate outdoor unit.


Flexible Expansion

  • All components are modular and standardized, allows for easy expansion by simply installing additional BR-IT units when needed to meet the current and future business development requirements.


Intelligent Management

  • Large touchscreen monitoring platform, user-friendly interface, massive information of cabinet status, capable of local and remote management; SMS alarm module for real-time monitoring, provides convenient maintenance management


Security and Reliability

  • Emergency ventilation devices, intelligent warning color light strips, audio-visual alarms, and optional fire-fighting units are deployed to ensure the safe, reliable, and stable operation of the cabinet.


Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

  • Integrated air conditioner design, eco-friendly refrigerant High-efficiency rack-mounted UPS
  • Fully enclosed design, no need to address large environmental heat loads, low PUE


Space Saving

  • Single cabinet occupies only 0.7 m2 and serves as both the cabinet and the data center, without need for a dedicated equipment room. Overall design of the cabinet is simple and aesthetically neat.
  • Air conditioner adopts an integrated indoor and outdoor unit design, which does not occupy client space in the cabinet for installation. Provides more cabinet space, and eliminates the need for a separate outdoor unit installation, making it suitable for spaces with limited outdoor unit installation space.

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