BR Outdoor Cabinet Modular Data Center Solution

BR outdoor cabinet modular data center innovatively integrates power distribution, UPS, batteries, rack- mounted air conditioner, emergency ventilation, cabinets, airflow management, cabling, monitoring and management systems, and other data center infrastructure equipment into one or two enclosed cabinets, makes the cabinet itself as data center.

BR represents the productization of small and micro-sized data centers and significantly accelerates the construction speed of micro data centers, achieves plug-and-play, and features such as high energy efficiency, ultra-quiet operation, high applicability, and high intelligence.


  • Factory prefabrication, rapid on-site installation



  • Space-saving, precision air conditioner without occupying cabinet space



  • Multiple scenarios, integrated air conditioner without outdoor units



  • Intelligent management, real-time monitoring and management through a mobile app and web page
  • Highway gantry
  • Petrol station
  • Logistics warehouse