CoolMaster Series AirConditioner for Medium and Large Data Centers

Environmental Protection

  • Adopts recyclable and environmentally friendly materials
  • R410A eco-friendly refrigerant

Efficient Scroll Compressor

  • Staandard/Inverter hermetic scroll compressor, an internationally renowned brand,
    safety and reliability

High-Efficiency EC Fan

  • EC driver with the electric-commutated DC motor, energy-saving of more than 20%

Air Filter

  • Default equipped with a G4-grade filter, which is placed close and covers the evaporator

High-Efficiency Heat Exchanger

  • V-shaped large-area evaporator, equipped on air conditioner 35 kW to 120 kW, features large
    heat exchange surface, even airflow distribution, and high heat exchange efficiency

Air-Cooled Condenser

  • Variable-frequency speed-regulated condenser fan adjusts its speed steplessly based on
    outdoor temperature to maintain the optimal condensing pressure in the system, which reduces
    fan power consumption, lowers fan noise, and extends the fan’s lifespan
  • Optional low-temperature components, suitable for outdoor environments with extreme low
    temperature -40°C
  • Optional ultra-silent kit for condenser

Front-Side Maintenance

  • Indoor unit front-side maintenance, no maintenance space required from indoor unit