CBD Indirect Evaporative Free-Cooling Solution

CBD indirect evaporative free-cooling solution is an integrated air conditioner with compressor. CBD is a indirect evaporative precise air conditioner energy-saving system in data centers, which is suitable for rapidly deployed innovative energy-saving data centers and modular data center clusters.

CBD integrates evaporator and condenser, eliminates cooling water station, cooling tower, and complex refrigeration or cooling water circulation pipeline. CBD has high level of integration, makes it easy for maintenance and management. In addition, CBD adopts optimized system matching and intelligent monitoring system, enables excellent human-machine information interaction to provide more intelligent, clean, and energy-efficient manner, and promotes environmental protection.

  • Integrated evaporator and condenser, delivered as a whole system with no more pipeline construction
  • No need to install indoor units to save indoor space
  • No cooling towers, water chillers, complex pipeline networks, and other auxiliary facilities are required, smaller footprint
  • Industrial and widely applied high-efficiency heat exchanger, maximizes use of natural cold sources and dry air energy
  • Equipped with a high-quality seamless purple copper tube condenser with aluminum fin, prevents blockage and ensures high heat exchange efficiency
  • Famous brand inverter compressors and fans provide comprehensive energy saving
  • Installation on ground or roof-top. Air supply from side or from top.
  • Features modular design with a reasonable modular capacity, allows flexible deployment
  • Staged deployment for more cost-effective
  • Compared to traditional chilled water systems, CBD has simpler piping layout and occupies smaller footprint
  • Full return air treatment to avoid the mixture of outdoor air