CBF Integrated Refrigerant Pump Free-Cooling Air Conditioner

CBF integrated refrigerant pump free-cooling air conditioner adopts modular integrated design, is suitable for COLO data centers and medium and large data centers of Internet companies with innovative energy-saving and water-saving requirements, fully utilizes outdoor natural cold sources, adopts efficient refrigerant pump- powered heat pipe indirect natural cooling combined with the auxiliary refrigeration technology of inverter compressor. CBF achieves low PUE and zero WUE value, energy saving, no water consumption, small occupation, and cleanliness, which provides more options for medium and large data centers.

  • Fully prefabricated integrated design
  • No chiller plant, no cooling tower, and no long-distance pipelines
  • Suitable for various applications, including side installation and rooftop installation
  • Water-free operation, free cooling
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant R410A
  • No ‘air-to-air’ heat exchanger, low air resistance, and high energy efficiency
  • No complex long-distance pipe construction, quick maintenance
  • Built-in integrated refrigerant pump and parallel compressor to serve as dual cooling sources
  • Intelligent mode switch with “dual engines and three modes” according to environment condition
  • Integrated variable frequency conversion technology, strong power adaptability