CoolMaster Chilled Water Fan Wall

CoolMaster Chilled Water Fan Wall is an intelligent cooling solution for large and medium computer rooms, Colocations and other IDCs. It is part of the chilled-water cooling system working with chillers, water pumps, pipes, etc.

Efficient and reliable

  • Built-in ATS, With N+1 redundant power supply.
  • EPO button optional.
  • Horizontal air flow without raised floor.
  • World-class EC fans high efficiency and low noise.
  • Continuously variable regulation and even distribution of EC fans, hot-plug maintenance.


lIntelligent control

  • 7-inch colorful touch display, massive status information
  • Multiple protection measures, such as power self-recovery after power restoration, power failure, phase malfunction, over voltage, etc.
  • Real-time dynamic information includes operation status, dates supply&return airflow temperature alarms inlet and outlet water temperatures, etc.
  • Modbus RTU / IP communication interface.

  • Innovative data centers.
  • A Computer room or a modular data center.
  • Green and energy-saving Data center.