CoolRow Variable-Frequency Refrigerant Pump Free-Cooling Solution

CoolRow variable-frequency refrigerant pump free-cooling in-row air conditioner solution is specifically designed for high return air temperatures, making it more suitable for next-generation servers and small to medium-sized data centers with high heat density sealing space. CoolRow features inverter hermetic scroll compressor, equipped with an intelligent control system for smooth adjustment of output cooling capacity, provides more precise and stable temperature control. CoolRow ensures more comfortable, secure, and energy-efficient environment for IT equipment.

  • Compressor, indoor and outdoor unit fans, and refrigerant pump adopt variable-frequency design
  • Cooling capacity adjustment range: 20% to 100%
  • Powerful low-load dehumidification function
  • Low-noise mode
  • Multiple dimensions are available with standardized delivery for all scenarios
  • Equipped with a full range of 12 kW to 60 kW variable-frequency refrigerant pumps
  • High cooling capacity density: cooling capacity reaches 35 kW at half-rack width (300 mm), and 60 kW at full-rack width (600 mm).