CoolSmart Variable-Frequency Refrigerant Pump Free-Cooling Air Conditioner

Efficient Energy Saving

  • “Dual-Engine Triple-Mode”: compressor mode/hybrid mode/pump free-cooling mode, intelligently and dynamically switches based on outdoor climate conditions and indoor heat load requirements
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A


Intelligent Management

  • 7-inch color large screen, equipped with intelligent display of the operational status and smart fault diagnosis functions, such as low refrigerant warning
  • Intelligent display of refrigeration factors, carbon emissions, provides information of equipment operational energy consumption and carbon reduction data, facilitates the realization of green data centers and reduces carbon emission


High Integration

  • Air-cooled condenser and refrigerant pump free-cooling kit are perfectly integrated in a highly compact design to simplify installation
  • Accessory of pipeline connectors for rapid connection and deployment of indoor and outdoor units


High Adaptability

  • Voltage adaptation range is wide range of 380 V – 15% to 380 V + 10%. 220 V – 15% to 220 V + 10%.
  • Adaptable to outdoor temperature range from –40°C to 45°C without additional configuration of low-temperature kit and long distance kit.


High Reliability

  • Designed for a 10-year lifespan, main components are from leading brands in the industry

Places with energy-saving and carbon reduction requirements, heat load variations, and the need for low-temperature components in specifific regions, such as small and medium-sized computer rooms, outdoor communication base stations, railway signal stations, equipment rooms, battery rooms, power rooms, substations.