CoolXtreme Series High-Density Backplane Fan Wall Air Conditioner Solution

CoolXtreme high-density backplane fan wall air conditioner adopts integrated (all-in-one) and modular design, which integrates fan module, heat exchange coil, electric control box, and water pipe box. According to the specific customer needs, backplane fan wall can be combined with other equipment. It has a compact structure, flexible design, and aesthetic installation, and features prefabrication, high heat density, high energy efficiency, and easy maintenance.

  • Flexible power distribution and heat dissipation for 10 to 30 kW per cabinet in data center
  • Intelligent fan speed regulation to meet local hot-spot demands
  • Hot-plug maintenance of fan modules
  • One-to-one accurate control between air conditioners and cabinets resolves local hot-spot issues.
  • The airflow is redundant for whole aisle cabinets. Pipeline 1+1 redundancy.
  • Centralized monitoring and control of multiple air conditioner units. Local air conditioner achieves PID automatic control when main control unit fails.
  • Teamwork mode for multiple air conditioners in on aisle. Automatic shift online-standby status. Standby unit starts automatically when online unit fails.
  • Innovative data center
  • Computer rooms and modular data centers
  • Data centers for energy-saving renovation