TM Air-Cooled Maglev VRV Solution

TM air-cooled Maglev VRV solution is a kind of medium and large refrigerant pump VRV precision air conditioner system. It is applicable for medium and large data centers, Colo data centers, and data centers of Internet companies with innovative energy-saving requirements. By using high-efficiency oil-free inverter maglev compressors, variable-frequency refrigerant pumps for free-cooling, efficient heat exchangers, and high-performance fans, system makes full use of free-cooling, reduces energy consumption of data centers. It features high efficiency, energy saving, security, reliability, and strong adaptability.

  • Industry-leading oil-free inverter maglev compressors to achieve ultra-high energy efficiency
  • Integrated inverter compressors, variable-frequency refrigerant pumps, EC fans, and other intelligent components
  • Efficient air-cooled condenser for heat dissipation, with zero water consumption
  • Integrated outdoor unit, covers dedicated cooling capacity segments, and provides flexible configuration
  • High return air temperature design, free-cooling with large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor condition
  • Multiple indoor units for different applications
  • PUE in China northern region ≤1.2, PUE in China southern region ≤1.25 (wet film pre-cooling)
  • Safe, energy-efficient, clean, space-saving, waterless/less water Dual power supply inputs, provides redundancy operating
  • Innovative data center
  • Computer rooms and modular data centers
  • Data centers for energy-saving renovation