TM Evaporative-cooled Maglev VRV Solution

TM evaporative-cooled maglev VRV solution is an innovative, efficient, and energy-saving precision air conditioner system, which is suitable for medium to large data
centers, COLO data centers, and Internet companies with innovative energy-saving requirements and renovated data centers.

  • Outdoor unit adopts an evaporative condenser, with high heat dissipation efficiency
  • Oil-free maglev compressor achieves ultra-high energy efficiency
  • Compressor, refrigerant pump, fan, and other components are designed with
    variable frequency, enabling stepless speed regulation and comprehensive energy
  • Equipped with intelligent control programs, system operates automatically with
    intelligent adjustments
  • System offers a selection of cooling capacities from 240 kW to 500 kW and adopts
    full variable-frequency regulation technology. Cooling capacity can be flexibly
    adjusted to meet requirements of various application scenarios.
  • Deployment as requirement, saving space
  • Featuring a modular design with a reasonable granularity for the HVAC system,
    allowing flexible deployment
  • Even in hot regions, excellent energy-saving performance is still achieved.
    For example, in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, Guangdong
    Province, multiple projects have measured that the Power Usage
    Efficiency (PUE) is no more than 1.25.
  • Various indoor unit solution for different requirement, such as high-density
    fan wall, backplane in-row, room level and fan wall, etc.
  • Application scenarios include super-long pipes with a total length of 120 m
    and 40 m elevation difference.
  • Adopts environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a