VFV Air-Cooled Refrigerant Pump Air Conditioner Solution

VFV air-cooled refrigerant pump air conditioner adopts a distributed multi-coupled system design, which is mainly suitable for innovative and energy-efficient small to medium-sized computer rooms, high-density data centers, energy-saving renovated computer rooms, and scenarios where the water resource is scarce with water- saving requirements.

VFV is composed of air-cooled condensers, hermetic scroll compressors, refrigerant pumps. Various indoor unit terminals such as backplane air conditioners, in-row air conditioners, and room air conditioners can be selected according to different applications. VFV makes full use of natural cooling sources to ensure safety, energy efficiency, water-free, space saving, and cleanliness.

  • Configuration with backplane, in-row air conditioner, room-level air conditioner, and various other indoor units
  • Flexible control on indoor units to improve efficiency
  • Indoor unit close to heat load, provides direct cooling
  • 1+1 pipelines redundancy
  • Oil-free in indoor unit
  • Flexible pipeline layout for engineering design
  • Reserved interface for connection
  • Adopts a pure air-cooled heat exchange design with no water consumption
  • Reserved interface for connection
  • Provides the best configuration solution based on application scenarios, optimizes energy consumption
  • Precise air supply from indoor unit reduces refrigeration loss and fan power consumption
  • High return air temperature design in indoor unit, free-cooling with a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor environment condition to enhance energy efficiency
  • Modular design with a reasonable granularity for the HVAC system. Flexible deployment and more reasonable investment
  • Compared to chiller systems, smaller occupation and supports a higher space utilization
  • Application scenarios include super-long interconnected pipes with total pipeline length of 120 m and elevation difference between +40 m and –25 m
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A