ES Power Block – ESM

ES power block ESM is a secure, reliable, and high-density integrated power supply and distribution solution for data centers. It is also eco-friendly and highly intelligent. Withmodular design, ESM saves the floor space and reduces the deployment time. With intelligent monitoring, ESM deeply processes critical data, provides warning diagnostics, eliminates safety risks, and reduces energy consumption and PUE.

  • Efficient: System efficiency is improved through internal all-copper busbar connections, minimized cable connections, and utilization of the 50 kVA modular UPS
  • Easy: Easy installation with uniform design style. No cable connections
  • Standard: Standardized design ensures high compatibility, quality control, and reliability
  • Smart: Monitoring of the entire power supply and distribution system provides clear system parameters and status
  • Integration of UPS and PDU reduces installation time by 50%
  • Space-saving design effectively reduces the occupation of power distribution room
  • Centralized intelligent monitoring of power distribution branch circuits to enhance information intelligence
  • Internet data center
  • Large cloud data center
  • HQ data centers of enterprises and institutions related to finance, communication, transportation, energy, power, and government Disaster recovery backup center