ES Power Block – ESS

ES power block ESS is a solution which is based on online dual-conversion technology of modular UPS and integrates precision power distribution systems of data center. While ensuring high-quality uninterrupted power supply to terminal loads of data center, ESS also provides power distribution and management. With fully modular design, ESS supports smooth expansion from 30–120 kVA or 25–125 kVA, allows customers to choose from various configuration options and architectures as required. ESS features high reliability, high efficiency, super intelligence, and high flexibility, provides ideal power protection to various types of power supply scenarios for data centers.

High Integration

  • Integration of the UPS input and output, UPS system, IT PDU, and air conditioner PDU into a single unit to save space


High Reliability

  • Ultra-wide voltage input range (138 to 485 V) and input frequency range (40 to 70 Hz) to adapt to rough power grid environment


Modular Design

  • Hot-swappable power modules, allows for on-demand expansion and easy maintenance


High Availability

  • Flexible and easy-to-use configuration with a 7-inch color touchscreen display for convenient operation, and adjustable quantity of battery cells
  • Enterprise data centers
  • Data centers of telecommunication operators
  • Small to medium-sized data centers, such as data centers for financial branch offices and traffic control centers