IPD Low-Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

IPD series low-voltage PDC provides maximum 6300 A low-voltage power distribution solutions for data center. IPD can be used for feeders, busbars, lighting, and power load control. In addition, IPD offers flexible options such as fixed, drawer-type, and fixed compartmentalized solutions based on customer requirements. Based on a deep understanding of customer needs in power distribution applications, IPD stands out with its innovative technological features, standardized and modular functional unit desiagn, and digitized, networked communication and monitoring capabilities. IPD provides customized power distribution solutions and reliable power assurance for critical applications, makes it suitable for a wide range of industries and critical power supply and distribution locations.


  • Provides reliable isolation to offer maintenance personnel more safety assurance



  • System-level reliability design of power supply and distribution system, offers customized continuous power supply and online expansion solutions to ensure the continuous operation of critical loads



  • Customized reasonable layout plans based on on-site conditions to save space and achieve higher power density



  • Adopts modularized structure and standardized design, configuration of flexible busbar, cabinet combination, and cable inlet and outlet schemes to offer customer customizable solutions



  • Provides intelligent monitoring and achieves comprehensive power distribution system management through smart communication network.

  • Low-voltage power distribution rooms for various types of data centers
  • Low-voltage power distribution for large buildings
  • Low-voltage equipment power distribution for enterprises
  • Power distribution for equipment such as UPS and air conditioners