IPDM Intelligent Precision Cabinet

Next generation of data centers has increasingly stringent requirements for reliability and manageability of power supply. IT users need to implement more reliable, flexible, and precise power distribution management for power supply and distribution system of information equipment, as well as more accurate cost calculations. IPDM intelligent precision cabinet perfectly meets the requirements of customers through thoughtful design, meticulous layout, and flexible configuration options.

Flexible Power Distribution System

  • IPDM intelligent precision cabinet is composed of the power distribution system, lightning arrester, computer-grade grounding compartment, and power monitoring system. IPDM provides reliable power distribution control and management for IT loads and, based on customer requirements, provides flexible power distribution through online hot-swappable switches.


Security Management

  • Advanced power management features integration of power distribution system with the equipment room monitoring system, provides monitoring of all loops, including voltage, current, switch status, and operational load rate of each output branch circuit breaker. IPDM allows users to have real-time operational status of the power distribution system in the equipment room, enabling them to promptly and effectively prevent or detect potential safety hazards.


OPEX Management

  • Nowadays, IT operators are increasingly focusing on the OPEX management of data centers. IPDM intelligent precision cabinets monitor the operational costs of each server rack in real time, measure and calculate the power consumption of each server rack and circuit breaker.

  • Equipment rooms of IDC and EDC data centers
  • Equipment room of the power system
  • Data center equipment rooms of telecom operators
  • Equipment rooms for institutions such as transportation, energy, finance, and government Equipment rooms for various types of enterprise data centers