iPower-line Intelligent Busbar

iPower-line intelligent busbar is a kind of innovated terminal power supply system for data centers. iPower-line utilizes flexible and easily movable modules for fast expansion or modification of power distribution without power cutoff, ensures continuous operation and effectively safeguarding business continuity. iPower-line offers various plug-in distribution boxes that can be inserted, rotated, and locked by using simple and convenient “plug-and-play” connection method at any position on the busbar, significantly reduces maintenance and expansion costs.

Fast Installation

  • Directly assembled, without cabling on site.


Flexible Expansion

  • Capability Full-position installation, with the junction box can be installed at any position on busbar (except connection point); maintenance- free, saving operational costs; allows for easy conversion between single-phase and three-phase as well as expansion at any time.


Security and Reliability

  • Busbar conductor adopts high-quality TU1 copper busbar with a tin-plated surface, enhances the safety and reliability of connection points.


Space Saving

  • Installed on the top, on space occupation on server rack, increases the effective space utilization within data center.


Intelligent Monitoring

  • Intelligent monitoring system collects data on voltage, current, harmonics, power consumption, switch quantity, and other parameters for each loop at the terminal of the data center so that it can provide real-time warnings.

  • Equipment rooms of IDC and EDC data centers
  • Equipment room of the power system
  • Data center equipment rooms of telecom operators
  • Equipment rooms for institutions such as transportation, energy, finance, and government Equipment rooms for various types of enterprise data centers