UE High-Frequency Tower-mounted UPS(1–20kVA)

UE 1–20 kVA UPS is based on online dual-conversion technology, integrates functions to prevent IT server from main power impact, such as AC voltage regulation, backup power supply, and absorption of peak surges, etc.

High Reliability

  • Ultra-wide voltage input range effectively reduces times of battery discharge, which extends the battery life
  • Online dual-conversion technology provides stable and reliable power supply


Intelligent Management

  • Optional SNMP, Modbus, dry contact, USB communication mode
  • Supports delayed shutdown, provides safe shutdown of computer applications and its operating system



  • LCD display, real-time monitoring
  • Small equipment rooms for enterprises, branches of enterprises, such as bank branches
  • Network and communication systems
  • Automatic control systems, precision instruments, and other devices
  • Large supermarkets, homes, offices, etc.