UE High-Frequency Tower-mounted UPS(20–160kVA)

UE series (20–160 kVA), based on the online double-conversion technology, eliminates various power grid issues, provides customers with stable and pure power protection. Innovative design enables this series of UPS to maintain high performance while ensuring high reliability. High input power factor and low input current harmonics guarantee the product’s environmental friendliness, while high overall efficiency ensures energy efficiency.

Green and Efficient

  • Input power factor is up to 0.99. Input harmonic current less than 3%. Overall efficiency is up to 96%. Products are environmentally friendly, efficient, and energy-saving.


High Reliability

  • Wide input voltage and frequency range, adaptable to unstable power grid environments, and suitable for connection to various diesel generators, fully digital DSP control. All fans in the system are designed with redundancy, which significantly enhances system reliability


High Availability

  • Intelligent system self-diagnostic solution, massive fault records, and large-capacity historical record storage Equipped with LCD display and control keyboard for convenient operation
  • Intelligent battery management solution to extend battery lifespan
  • Enterprises’ small- and medium-sized data centers
  • Telecommunications and network switching equipment rooms
  • Financial branches, traffic dispatching centers, security systems, etc.