UE High-Frequency Tower-mounted UPS(200–800kVA)

UE series (200–800 kVA) UPS adopts the online dual-conversion technology to provide AC power protection with rated voltage of 380/400/415 VAC.UE series UPS features high efficiency, high power density, and other advantages. UE UPS utilizes fully digital control to ensure excellent output quality under various operating conditions, provides reliable power protection for important loads in medium- to large-sized data centers.

High Reliability

  • 138–485 VAC ultra-wide input voltage range, 40–70 Hz ultra-wide input frequency range, ensures stable power supply in rough power grid environments


High Efficiency

  • Efficiency reaches 96%, effectively reduces customer operating costs.


High Availability

  • Single cabinet capacity reaches 300 kVA, saves more than 50% of space compared to traditional UPS.
  • Output power factor is 1. No derating for capacitive and inductive loads with power factor greater than 0.5.
  • Quantity of battery cells is adjustable, allows for precise configuration of batteries, avoids to replace entire set of batteries in case of a single-cell battery failure, and saves customer maintenance costs.
  • Large data center
  • Disaster recovery backup center
  • Enterprise HQ data center
  • IDC/ EDC data center