UR High-Frequency Rack-mounted UPS(3–40kVA)

UR high-frequency rack-mounted UPS adopts online double conversion technology. It is the ideal power supply solution in the small capacity scenarios. It can resolve issues of all types of grids. UR UPS covers a capacity range of 3–40 kVA, with rack/tower compatible installation, making it suitable for a wide range of small to medium-sized data centers.

Intelligent Management

  • Advanced intelligent battery management and automatic battery maintenance capability ensure high service life of the battery
  • LCD display, real-time monitoring
  • Optional communication modes such as SNMP and Modbus

High Reliability

  • Full digital DSP control, significantly enhances system reliability
  • Ultra-wide input voltage range of 110–300 V for 3–20 kVA UPS; the range extends to 207–476 V for 30–40 kVA UPS,which effectively reduces the frequency of battery discharge, prolongs battery life.

Convenience and Flexibility

  • Supports different installation methods, such as rack/tower-mounted compatible installation with rotatable display
  • ECO mode to achieve high efficiency and energy saving
  • 10-20 kVA UPS: compatibility of three phase input & single phase output mode and three phase input & three phase output mode
  • Small data centers and equipment rooms for small- and medium-sized enterprises, branches of enterprises, and bank branches
  • AC power supply for equipment related to network and communication systems
  • AC power supply for automatic control systems, precision instruments, and other devices